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Lougheed Town Centre Optometry Clinic is a full-scope optometric practice. Our doctors and well-trained staff are committed to improving the vision and eye health of patients. Seeing an optometrist for regular eye exams, whether or not you wear eyeglasses or contact lenses, is important. Our doctors will ensure you are provided with the best possible solution for all your vision and eye health needs.
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Our doctors are determined to help you obtain the best possible tool for vision correction. Contact lenses are a convenient and long term solution for vision correction, for both near and far sightedness. We offer a wide variety of major contact lens brands at competitive prices. Contact lenses can be ordered through our office at any time, as we offer a range of brands and types, catering to patients’ preferences.

Contact Lens Fitting
Fee: $45

Patients often enquire about how their glasses prescription differs from their contact lens prescription. Both the basic and comprehensive eye examinations provide patients with their spectacle prescription. A contact lens prescription results from a separate service, known as the Contact Lens Fitting.

During a fitting, our doctors will work with you to determine which type of contact lens is best suited to your lifestyle, eye shape and eye health. You can choose from daily, biweekly, monthly or overnight soft lenses. Bifocal, multifocal, toric and coloured lenses are among the specialty contacts both utilized and sold through our office. We also provide fittings for hard contact lenses (gas permeable lenses).

Call to make a contact lens fitting appointment anytime, or have one done during your next eye exam appointment! Our doctors will waive the contact lens fitting fee for patients wishing to purchase their contact lenses through our office.

Contact Lens Training
Fee: $45

Our office offers initial contact lens fitting/training to patients who have never before worn contacts.  Our staff will teach new wearers how to insert and remove the lenses from their eyes, along with educating them on proper lens care and maintenance. Upon successful completion of the training, a follow up appointment is made for new contact lens wearers to ensure the best possible adaptation and fit.

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